About Us

An Accidental Success

Hello lovely people and welcome to the super shiny world of Disco Beads!!

From simple beginnings (on maternity leave) doing what I loved making jewellery for myself, turns out other people loved it too!  I found the 'wow' factor of these incredible reflective beads so unusual and unique that everywhere I went wearing them people stopped me in disbelief!  I kept having to give them away because people wanted them and there was nowhere else to get them, until one moment I had the Eureka thought.....why don't I actually sell them?? Before I knew it, Disco Beads was born and took on a life and momentum of its own!

From my three bead-room house where I manufactured, despatched, ran the website and did the accounts all alone with my little baby in a carrier on my back, I soon had to take on a Bead Fairy to assist.  My husband Billy joined me next,  then we opened our first shop and now there is a whole team of Disco Fairies ( and  Pixies!!) who are constantly innovating and working with fellow Cornish designers and craftsmen spreading the Disco Beads love!

Six years later, with our beach side shop, online sales, festival pop-ups (yay!) and a network of Ambassadors and Stockists, Disco Beads is the proof that LOVING WHAT YOU DO AND DOING WHAT YOU LOVE IS POSSIBLE!

Go on, find something that inspires you and live your dream!

Big love,

Disco Vic xx


Join Us and Get Involved!

Why don't you become part of our ever growing family?   Revel in the colour and amazing flash photo effect of Disco Beads, maybe even become an Ambassador and earn commission selling the jewellery, or simply enjoy the attention wearing Disco Beads will bring you! 

We'd love for you to join us on Facebook and twitter for competitions, updates on new designs and to give us feedback on what you want to see next!  Post your photos to instagram #DiscoBeads so we can see you glowing and even have a chance to win a £50 Disco Beads Gift Voucher!

Spreading the Love!

We are so lucky to be able to bring a smile to others through what we do.  We support many local charities, from Moor Harmony Ladies Barbershop Group, Newquay Rowing Club, Truro Samba Band and Slinky Minsky Burlesque Troupe. Further afield, we are also in our third year of providing beady goodness for The Emerald and Ivy Ball run by Storm and Ronan Keating, which this year has raised over 1 Million Pounds for Cancer Research UK!

Our beautiful location by the Cornish seaside (and the sneaky surf trips over the road!) has also led to us  sponsoring the English Nationals Surfing Competition and the BSUP Competition at Watergate Bay. Indeed the face of Disco Beads in Cornwall has been Former Women's British World Champion Surfer Hannah Ruth  Harding, who also models for Animal.

If you have a charity and wish to create a fund raiser using customised Disco Beads, we'd love to hear from you via Disco Beads HQ or info@discobeads.com. Add some glow to your go!

Disco Philosphy

Our Little Book Of Miracles sets out our primary objective: to encourage us all to Let Our light Shine!  We are all doing the best we can in the world from the filter of our own perspective, and if we can help support each other to broaden our perspectives and become more loving, accepting and tolerant, then that is a life's work well done!

So in summary there is something you must know...Disco Beads are handmade with love, and the sole requirement that you need to wear them is that you must spread that love on by being the best person you can.  

That, ultimately, is all that really matters.