When the sun is out, your beads should be too!

Disco Beads reflective quality makes them perfect for wear in the summer sun, so these anklets will look great out and about, on the beach, or when you are strutting your funky stuff in a club or at a festival! If you have a tan they look awesome, especially when the light hits them and then you are both glowing!

What’s your Summer Style?

We have 3 to choose from
  • Ultra Fine Anklets : The smaller sized 4mm Ultra Fine Beads are the thinnest. They are easy to wear and understated, but still very effective in appearance. A classic style of anklet that can also be layered up with more of the same or the next bead size up in the Disco Bee 's collection.
  • Surfer Anklet:  Simple effective Anklet, just tie on and leave for the season!

Keep your Shine This Summer!

Be sure to remember that like all jewellery, sea water and sun cream will over time effect the colour and shine of the silver and the Disco Beads. We recommend that you either remove your beads when swimming or showering, or simply accept that this activity will eventually affect the colour and shine. The beads themselves will eventually fade to white, but on the bright side this colour is probably the most complimentary for a tan!

Life the Disco Beads Way!