Disco Bees

We are so excited to announce that this seasons Disco Mission is to fill the world with wildflowers and to save the bees and butterflies...and we're starting with your garden and neighbourhood!

Disco Bees - Help to save the Bees

Choose from any of  'Disco Bees' Range, and it will wing its way to you in our gift Organza bags complete with a colourful Information card and a Vegeware pot filled with Seedballs containing up to 900 wildflower seeds!

The simple idea is that you 'bomb' your garden or any green space with the Seedballs, and then let nature do all the hard work!

Bee Banner - Save the Bees and look great too

Best planted in Autumn or Spring, the Seedballs will break down into the ground, get rained on....and then grow into a beautiful, colourful array for our furry friends to feast on!

Due to the amazing way that these Seedballs are made, they can be planted any time of year, they will just grow the following season. They are encased in clay and contain chilli powder to stop insect trying to eat them!