Wicker Star Decoration - Disco Beads

Wicker Star Decoration

  • SOLD OUT! --- But check out our home decorations to see what beautiful limited Edition peices we have  to make you home shiney!
    Super cute white wicker Star, with colourful threaded Disco Beads to really shine out!

    Made especially to compliment our Star Collection..because you just can't get enough home decorations!

    Add a bright sparkle to any room...and would even look great in your car!
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  • Measures approximately 15cm including the ribbon hanger.
  • Perfume, lotion and any other solvents have a very strong nature and can affect the special surface of these colourful reflective Disco Beads. As such we we recommend all customers ensure that they keep such substances away from their Disco Bead items, also try not to place in direct sun as could loose colour over time.. This will keep your Disco Beads looking their best for the longest!