Pura Vida SETS


Wonderful spectrum Pura Vida Sets featuring a matching Bracelet and Anklet at a special price!

The Anklet and Bracelet has ornamental silver dividers cradling a run of each  spectrum in 8mm beads. Available in spectrums, with super fine Snow Beads forming the main part.

'Pura Vida' or 'Pure Life', is a Costa Rican philosophy that resonates with us here in Cornwall! Appreciating life's simple pleasures, taking things slowly and revelling in the moment embodies this laid back lifestyle! Comes complete with an original Disco Beads jewellery tag and in a Disco Beads gift organza bag.

Made with 6 and 8mm beads, Fits ankles of up to 23.5cm and wrists up to 16cm.

Perfume, lotion and any other solvents have a very strong nature and can affect the special surface of these colourful reflective Disco Beads. As such we we recommend all customers ensure that they keep their jewellery away from such products. This will keep your Disco beads looking their best for the longest!