Pixie - Kids Bundles

  • Our Disco Beads are for ALL ages!   Perfect for the little ones, this matching bundle of Unicorn Superfine Bracelet and Necklace are a simple one-stop shop to stop the kids from borrowing your beads !

    To finish the look, check out our hair clips to add that final accessory to your "mini-me"
  • Love a Good Deal?

    We also have our Bracelet Bundle, for the older child, the perfect accompaniment to our Super Fine Necklaces, where you get 3 complimentary bracelets for only £10
  • Dazzling 6mm beads to go with every outfit!

    Looks great as a cool everyday necklace and fits up to age 10 Necklines.
  • Solvents such as lotion and perfumes can affect the colour and shine of the Disco Beads jewellery, so every item comes with a care tag requesting that the wearer prevents any solvents from coming into contact with the jewellery.