Ombre Earrings

  • Embrace your colour!

  • An elegant, graded drop Earring to match our amazing NEW Ombre Collection.  A Snow White 12mm  Disco  Bead beautifully blends upwards through shades to give an 'Ombre' effect.

    Available in four stunning colourways, so you just need to choose which colour suits you best!

    Sterling Silver Earwires ensure that these earrings are gentle on your skin.

  • The graduated effect of the Earrings starts with a 12mm Bead and runs down to a 4mm.  Total drop length is 6cm  from hook to base.
  • Perfume, lotion and any other solvents have a very strong nature and can affect the special surface of these colourful reflective Disco Beads.

    As such we we recommend all customers ensure that they keep their jewellery away from such products. This will keep your Disco beads looking their best for the longest!