Metallic Bead Top-up


Want to add a touch of metallic shine to your 'Make your own' Kit? Or want extra beads to add to any left overs? Well now you can!

Each Bead Top-up comes with enough 6mm Metallic Super Fine Beads to make one bracelet (with spare beads) or an anklet or use towards making a necklace. All our bead pots are made by Vegware, so are 100% biodegradable!

Metallic Beads

You can get extra string and tags in our Beading basics Pack, or check out our MAKE YOUR OWN Collections here.  New Limited Editions  with special charms and themes each month!


Make your own jewellery kits

Make your own Jewellery kits

Check out the following video for how to 'Make Your Own' Jewellery


Make your own Jewellery kit contents