Geometric Choker

  • Breathtaking and original necklace with a unique adjustable design!  Go short for the Choker version or fill a low neckline...or anywhere in between, the choice is yours!  This unique statement necklace on a grey cotton cord can be simply adjusted by pulling the beaded ends apart or together.  Light reflective 4mm Disco Beads enhance metallic Geometric spacers to make a real statement for your party outfit!  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE IT IN ACTION!
  • Wear short everyday to highlight your neckline or long over a plain top.  So versatile you will wonder how you lived without it!  A new look every day!
  • This necklace will fit heads and necks up to 58cm .

  • Perfume, lotion and any other solvents have a very strong nature and can affect the special surface of these colourful reflective Disco Beads.

    As such we we recommend all customers ensure that they keep their jewellery away from such products. This will keep your Disco beads looking their best for the longest!