Charm Bracelet

  • Stunning sterling silver chain with a mix of silver plated feature charms and Disco Beads.

    Feels lovely, with a great ‘jangly’ effect!

    Looks great with silver Jewellery like our Charm Bangles or our Bubble Bangle.

    Now available in all single colours!
  • Sterling Silver Chain Measuring 23cm

    Nice heavy duty bracelet weighing in at 25gms

    Mixture of charms - Charms may differ From image shown
  • Like silver and gold, solvents such as perfume, lotion and anti-bacterial handwash can affect the colours of the beads. We recommend to all our customers that they keep any such solvents away from the beads. Regular Disco Beads wearers have told us that they spray perfume up their backs as a precation!