Surfer Bracelet - ONLY £1!

Simple, cool and fashionable! Our Surfer Bracelets are a sure fire winner! Simply tie on with a knot and strut your stuff!  

For a Limited time they are ONLY £1 each! 

Handmade in Cornwall, Disco Beads have a unique selling point: these vibrant beads reflect the light in such a way that at times they appear to be illuminated!

This product is limited to 1 per order and ONLINE ONLY. We hold the right to cancel any orders with multiple £1 Bracelets added

These Beautifully beaded Bracelets are made up to 26 cm but we recommend them for wrists up to 20 cm so you have room to tie them on. For smaller wrists then just tie it shorter and the tassels hang down.

Due to the Small nature of this Bracelet, it will be packaged with another item on your orderand not individually

Disco Beads holds the right to send multiple orders together, even if placed over separate days, in these cases, any P & P cost still stands but you DO get the SPECIAL TREAT

Made on black cord  they are tied with a knot around your wrist. To care for your beads, just simply keep them away from lotions and perfumes. Using perfumes and lotions on the beads or contact with skin that has them on can affect the colour by removing the colour pigment from the mirror inside.