Test Collection - Disco Beads

Test Collection

Bracelets & Bangles for all occassion

Our shiny, reflective, glowing Disco Beads bracelets come in an amazing range of colours and designs. From our smallest Ultra Fine and Friendship Bracelets to Fine Bead and Double Bracelets and for special occasions our Valentine, Triple Wire or Bangles. 

How do you pick from so many Beautiful options?

Heres a little help..
  • Bracelet Bundles - these are perfect for that instant layered look with no effort. just pick your favorite spectrum and your ready to go. wear all 4 bracelets in a go or layer each one with other jewellery for a variety of looks
  • Fine Bead Bracelet - a staple for that bold statement without breaking the bank
  • Charm Bracelet - fancy a bit of a jingle? this charm bracelet is packed with funky reflective beads and little charms for that classic charm look.
  • Double Bracelet - this has little bit of extra shine from the diamonte spacers and coupled with the duel rows of fine beads make this and elegant wear for those special days and nights out or just as a casual wear for every day shine!
  • Bangle - one large 25 mm bead sits in the center of this hinged bangle making a bold but elegant statement thats sure to wow.

Anyting else?

include here anything you want so could be about Limited Edition stuff etc.