Beautifully designed pendants

We love our range of pendants; from our Cornish Pewter Originals to our Bubble collection. They are all statement pieces and all our care and love go into making each one!  No matter whether you like a classic piece or something a bit more modern, you are sure to turn heads wearing any of them. When you are showing these off to your friends and family be sure to remind them these are all hand finished, by Disco Fairies, by the sea in Cornwall.

Unique, Beautiful and Glowing

What Style is for you?
  • Bird Pendant : This is the second in our new original pendant collection. Inspired by nature and originally robin red for the festive season, this cheeky little fellow is another collaboration with local designers Kara and Dave. The cheeky little Robin pendant has been so popular that we wanted to introduce the rest of his family!
  • Bubble Owl : This little feathery friend has proved very popular. After all who doesn’t like an owl? This sweet little fellow with a cabochon tummy has flown out of the door, loved by young and old alike!
  • Sugar Skull Pendant : This is certainly a triumph of Cornish skill and the finest components! Our original Disco Beads sit alongside two beautiful Swarovski crystals, set in Cornish cast pewter and embossed with the Disco Bead logo on the reverse. Originally launched for Día de Muertos (Mexican day of the dead) but loved all year round
  • Peace Pendant: This is another of our local collaborations to produce this beautiful pendant. Representing the key fundamental building blocks and main ethos of Disco Beads to represent Love, Peace and Hope. So Spread the love and wear this everywhere, a truly beautiful pendant for a truly beautiful soul. 

Think Happy… Bead Happy !