Gift Card

Problem Choosing for Someone Else?

So you know somebody who loves Disco Beads but you don't know what they have already got in their collection?  Our Disco Beads catalogue has a vast array of styles and colours, which is brilliant for choice and opportunity but tricky when it comes to choosing a gift for someone else!

Well not any more!

We are so glad to at long last be able to offer Disco Beads Gift vouchers and Cards!  Sold in denominations of £5, £10, £25 and £50, these Vouchers are emailed immediately and ready to use!  So even at the last minute you can still get a gift to them that they will have fun spending!  

If you choose a Card, it will be posted to the delivery address within normal postage times (3 - 5 days).

Let them do all the hard work in choosing! For use Online and Instore!

Not only can the Gift Card be used Online from anywhere in the world, it can also be used in our own Store!  Why not send one to someone you know who is going to holiday in Cornwall?  They could spend  a day exploring the beautiful coastline of North Cornwall and also enjoy the full Disco beads experience in our flagship store at Mawgan Porth.  Perhaps they would like to spend some time creating their own colour scheme or style on our 'Make Your Own' table, with the help of a genuine Disco Fairy!

Spread the Love!

If you are a Disco Beads convert, help us to spread the word by sending Gift Vouchers/Cards to a newbie!  Once they find out the magic of the funky reflective beads, you can guarantee that they will thank you and maybe even return the favour!  Win win!