Flamingo Fandango

The Flamingos have fluttered far away!

We loved having this beautiful range, but it was only available for a limited time and have now gone, Check out some of our other beautiful products and ranges and look out for more time-limited offers from our home page

Flamingos are the hot topic this week at Disco Central!   We all love their vibrancy and style, their brilliance and splendour.  

We have created an epic Collection to titillate your taste buds for all things Flamingo and PINK!  Check out our statement laser cut necklace creation made in collaboration with our friends at Asbeau for a fun and funky addition to your Summer wardrobe!
Exclusive Flamingo Bracelet Bundles mean that you get a FREE BRACELET...you simply need to choose whether your a Shocking Pink kind of gal, more Baby Pink for the young at heart or whether you need the Flamingo for a mix and match of three colours! 
ONE OFF Anklet Bundles have a matching limited Edition Super Fine and Ultra Fine combo, to wear together to layer up and create a new look!
The cute Flamingo Roundies will style your Summer beach look and keep you cool by the pool, and the matching Clutch Bag can handily double up as a make up bag to complete the look!
Enjoy this Limited Edition Collection while it lasts, and add some FUN to your FANDANGO!

Flamingo Jewelley - Pink themed jewellery for everyday wear