Buy 2 get 1 FREE - Bracelets

Disco Beads have come up with an amazing value for money offer...

GET ANY 3 BRACELETS FOR JUST £10.00 that's it, mix and match to your heart's content!
Get any Ultra Fine, Super Fine or Fine Bead bracelet combo of your choosing and start your bead obsession with a bundle for just £10!
Our shiny, reflective, glowing Disco Beads bracelets come in an amazing range of colours and designs. From our smallest 4mm Ultra Fine Bracelets to Super Fine 6mm up to Fine Bead 10mm  Bracelets.
Here are some ideas for colours that look awesome together, and more information in our blog here!

Buy 2 get 1 free on our selection of bracelets

How do you pick from so many Beautiful options?

Here's a little help..
  • Mixed Bracelet Bundles - these are perfect for that instant layered look with no effort. Just pick your favourite Spectrum and two matching single colours. Wear all 3 bracelets in one go or layer each one with other jewellery for a variety of looks
  • Top Bead Tip: always pick a Fine Bead Bracelet for your statement piece as its the largest bead, pick your favourite colour or spectrum then co-ordinate your smaller Super fine and Ultra fine bracelets to match. 

    But you don't have to alternate bead sizes...why not go for a three Fine Bead look that really stands out as a statement look?  If you are more sporty or like the more subtle look, three Ultra Fines sit comfortably and more discretely but still give you the 'Wow' factor! 




If denim is your thing and you like to wear white add a splash of blue with a Blue Spectrum or Twilight Fine Bead Bracelet then pick 2 colours from that spectrum and accessorise with them in Super and Ultra fine...Layering made easy!
You will never have a bare wrist again..wear all 3 together for a bold uniformed look or wear them alone for a little daytime glow.
Pink Spectrum bundle necklace