We are the Animals that like to Party!

We are the Animals that like to Party!

November 29, 2018

Meet… Frida the Disco Diva!

“Add colour to your life by doing more of what you love.”

Frida, the disco diva fun loving flamingo believes that colour really is the key to a happy life!  Well... that and dancing under her own personal disco ball on the sand dunes at sunset to her absolute favourite disco track of all time, Donna Summer - ‘I Feel Love’. We asked her why it was her favourite?


“Feeling and spreading the love is what disco is all about, and I live for the disco. I like the Bee Gees too, but it’s Donna Summer that really gets my feet going.”

Party Animal Frida the Flamingo Disco Beads
Frida is also a massive lover of shrimp cocktail. “There’s nothing better than a shrimp cocktail. Any day of the week. Every day, if possible…” says Frida. “There’s a good reason why it was Great Britain’s most popular hors d’oevre from the 1960s to the 1980s. The only thing is the iceberg lettuce needs to be fresh… It’s the crunchy base that makes it so special, that and a little pinch of paprika.”
Prawn Cocktail
She also says it’s a good thing that she loves shrimps as much as she does because without them, she wouldn’t be pink. We had to look that one up, but it’s true. If flamingos don’t get enough alpha and beta carotenoid pigments (found in shrimp), they can turn white!
Flamingo disco beads Party Animals
Even though Frida says she is a lover of all colours, she’s clearly a little keener on any available shade of pink, and is thrilled that this month’s colour, as we all know, is PINK!   
Pink is the colour of happiness and hope. If that doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will!
We also asked her what she thought about Coral seeing as we’re all over coral this Autumn.
“To me, coral is just the perfect shade of Autumn pink. Cosy and warm but with more than a hint of disco…”
Dance on you disco diva. We love you Frida!
party animals Disco Beads

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