Parenting through Stories

Parenting through Stories

May 07, 2020

A local friend has been working on a series of children's books, and is now at the point of crowdfunding her project!  Here is a little more information about her work.

Bartley bear

Parenting Through Stories has been developed to support families through some of the common, but tricky, situations we all experience in early childhood. It is an approach to help parents connect, and reflect, with their children. Through a series of interactive picture books - Bartley's Books - they can explore their child’s experiences with them, helping them learn to express their feelings, master new skills, feel closer to them, and cope with everyday challenges together. The first book in the series, Please Stay Here - I Want You Near focuses on separation anxiety, and others in the series consider tricky behaviour, the arrival of a new sibling, healthy eating, bedtime routines and potty training. The children's stories would also be very helpful for early years settings or primary schools (mainly for reception).

Parenting Handbook

The accompanying Parenting Handbook describes the psychological theory behind Bartley’s Books. It provides information on the importance of storytelling and the attachment relationship and includes ideas on how you can support your child’s emotional and behavioural development throughout the early years (and beyond).

Bartley Bear

How do you get the books?

Sarah is crowdfunding to get the first children's story and parenting handbook into print. Those who pledge get a reward, which basically works as though you are pre-ordering the books. She has reached 88% of her target but needs to get it all for the funding to be provided. It's clearly a tricky time to promote this project but she is so close and it could be such a helpful resource for parents and their young children. If you would like to pledge then this is the page:

You can also help her by following and sharing her Social Media

Facebook: Parentingthroughstories

Instagram: Parenting_through_stories,


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