Oh Yeah That's special!

Oh Yeah That's special!

July 04, 2017

The joy of being an independent business is that WE MAKE THE RULES!!!!  If we feel like doing something....we do it!  Having worked with these super funky reflective Disco Beads day in and day out for 6 years means that we are permanently re-inventing, re-creating and even DREAMING about them.  As you can imagine, the bead table talk often turns to incredible flights of fancy.....and here are some of them!

The Disco Pouffe!

Disco Beads Pouffe!

I know....epic isn’t it!!!!!

A labour of love of no small amount, this hefty little fellow was the brain child of the funkmaster Disco James.  An ingenious lover of up-cycling, he used an old tyre for the base, covered and threaded with Disco Beads and a separate cushioned lid!  It takes pride of place in our flag ship Mawgan Porth store...and this is how it looks at night with the light shining!

Disco Time!

We have created a variety of clocks....from metal, to lazer cut!  The spider style effect is awesome and makes a great statement piece particularly on a feature wall.  The only downside we discovered was....they are about as difficult to post as a small child, and because we have a massive online presence who only buy from the website...it is easier to just pretend they don’t exist!!!! But here they are anyway...COLLECTION ONLY THOUGH FOLKS!!! ;)

Disco Beads Clock

Disco Lights!

Amazing Disco Beads Light

Home decs are always massively popular and the incredible nature of the light reflective Disco Beads adds the real ‘WOW!’ factor to a space.  This Dandelion style light has been featured  in our Mawgan Porth and Newquay Stores and really brings the customers in, particularly when they have passed at night and seen the glowing effect!  The only downside is that they are super spiky and building it was like cuddling a sea urchin!  Worth every prick though I am sure you will agree!

We also made an Atom light, equally eye catching... and much less time consuming!  And it's little sister, the Atom Table Lamp!

Disco Beads Atom light in room

Atom Table Lamp

Sexy Disco Belt!

We are always thinking about clothing and have made a flapper style skirt, headdresses, ties, bow ties and various fascinators and  tiaras.  My personal favourite was the ‘Club Belt’... a little bit cheeky (depending on how you wear it) but oh my.....suits you!

Disco Beads Club Belt!


Princess Tiara!

Disco Beads Princess Tiara

Wirework, head band and Disco Beads....from fascinators to festival flowers, we've done the lot!

Children's Mobile

Children's rooms are the ideal place for some shiny magical glowing goodness!  We have done various items over our years, from flower strings, bead strings, laser cut shapes and beads, guardian angels, wicker hearts and so much more!

Disco Beads Wicker Hearts

One of my all time favourites was our beautiful colourful mobiles of flowers and butterflies, perfect for hanging above a cot  or to highlight a dark corner of a room.  Again they were slightly challenging to post...we sent one to a little girl in China and waited with fingers crossed hoping that they would be able to open and unroll it without driving themselves crazy untangling!

Bead Curtain!

Well now that is an understatement!  

We made a traditional colourful bead curtain for the shop door in Summer!  The first one we made was really just an experiment and the frame was not particularly hardy, and also the strands of beads were not particularly tight at the top...but everyone loved it!  It was however quite heavy as we had used mixed sized Disco Beads and therefore wasn’t particularly practical...particularly for caravan usage which bizarrely was the main request (Newquay is surrounded by holiday parks I guess!!)

Our neighours at the amazing Tobacconist Johnnies next door also loved the bead curtain...and they came to us with a special request!  In order to keep their door open but not to allow full view into the shop (new guidelines for tobacconists shops), they wanted a curtain thick enough to block the view but light enough to hang up all year round.  Not only that, but they wanted a ‘J’ written in beads in the middle to stand for the ‘J’ in Johnnies Tobacconist! CHALLENGING!

Well as you can imagine, hours of maths drawing shapes on graph paper and calculating the angles of the dangles ensued.  We also enlisted the owners help in constructing a sturdy frame and mount to hang it from!

Once the frame and the graph paper was ready, the mammoth task of beading began!

One entire week of five people, working for 46.5 hours,17,400 small 10mm beads later...it was done!  Apart from a couple of  upside down strings and a string cut accidentally too short (boo!)  it went well....and the moment of truth arrived when  we hung it and the  ‘J’  was ACTUALLY LEGIBLE!

Ta Dah!

Johnny's Tobacconist Bead Curtain Newquay

Disco Beads Epic bead curtain!

We are always working on new pieces and are always up for a challenge.....any ideas my friends?  

Bring it on!

Contact the Disco Fairies at info@discobeads.com


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