Never Fear When The Sun’s Not Here!

Never Fear When The Sun’s Not Here!

September 06, 2019

Of course it goes without saying that a holiday in Cornwall may involve more than sunny days spent lounging on the beach running your fingers through the hot sand. More than likely, there may be the odd day when the weather turns and suddenly the beach isn’t an option… Like this weekend for example… What then? (Apart from coming in to see us at Disco Beads and loosing yourself in some meditative beading!)


There are so many things to do down here at this time of year, it’s hard to know where to begin. The countless beautiful coastal walks for starters with all that stunning scenery. If you haven’t been, Bedruthan Steps is exactly that. A majestically dramatic bit of coastline that could be anywhere in the world, and why not grab some lunch at Carnewas Tearooms while you’re there? 

National Trust members park there for free too.

 Carnewas Tearoom

If you want to remain in the land of all things seaside, you could always go and get up close and personal to the fish at The Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. Here you can see all sorts of marine life, big and small, and learn more about how we can all help in the much needed conservation of our oceans.
 Blue Reef Auarium
If it’s an altogether larger sea-faring mammal you’re after, the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a must. Over 70 seal pups found around the Cornish coastline are rehabilitated here every year! Click here to find out more!
 Cornish Seal sanctuary
Continuing on the conservation theme, there are some amazing gardens to explore too - The Lost Gardens of Heligan is always a favourite of mine, especially considering the history. It is what it says on the tin, an incredible garden that was literally discovered having become completely overgrown in the 1990s when it was lovingly restored to its former glory, and it is utterly glorious.
 The Lost Gardens of Heligan
As everyone knows, Cornwall also has a rich history in piracy with more than its fair share of magic and spooky goings on, so if that’s peaked your interest, another trip I can recommend is the Museum of Witchcraft and magic in Boscastle. Started in 1951, the museum now contains one of the largest collections of artefacts relating to witchcraft and magic in the world! And then there’s Bodmin Jail - reputedly one of the most haunted attractions in the UK.
If you really want to go the extra mile, how about testing your nerves by visiting after dark…?

Bodmin Jail 

So you see - never fear when the sun’s not here because there is more to do down here when it’s not than practically anywhere else in the UK!


Happy holidays :)





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